Guatemala’s embassy move to Jerusalem following the U.S is a powerful statement against the BDS movement and global anti-Israeli bias

Just two days after the historic move of the U.S embassy to Jerusalem, Guatemala opened their own embassy in Jerusalem. Leading up to the official United States embassy opening, there were conversations that it would lead to isolationism. No other country is going to follow the U.S because of the amount of criticism it has received in the international media.

Of course there were some headlines of other countries thinking of moving their embassies, but how serious were they when push came-to-shove? Israel was also making international headlines for the Gaza protests and the amount of Hamas members killed (Yes, 53 that were killed were Hamas terrorists). What country would put itself in the same spotlight and to the same kind of scrutiny?

Guatemala, who had an embassy in Jerusalem before but moved it to Tel Aviv during the 80s to the rescue. With the promise by Netanyahu of a trip to Guatemala and stronger bilateral relations, they didn’t succumb to pressure to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

There were a number of reasons for this movie, but the most important reason is what a lot people have seem to forgotten – the kind of important player the United States is. If they do it, more countries will follow suit in order to increase their political standing with the United States. Guatemala just earned huge points in the eyes of President Trump.

This is no doubt a victory for Israel, Netayanhu, Trump and another defeat for the BDS movement. We are going to wait and see if anymore countries follow suit in the next few months, but none will act as fast as Guatemala did, and sending their own powerful statement to BDS supporters around the world,