Amidst all of the violence happening at the Gaza-Israel border, Chilean students at Universidad de Chile (the largest university in Chile) voted to endorse BDS.


This news should come as no surprise because this university and Chile in general have a history of supporting the BDS movement. Don’t freak out, this doesn’t mean South American countries are starting to support the BDS movement. They still prefer to have a good relationship with Israel and the United States (most of them).

Chile actually has the largest Palestinian community outside the Arab world and even recognized Palestine as a country in 2010. The university itself celebrated the decision with a 90 percent vote of the student body in favor. In the Santiago Times article there is absolutely no mention of Hamas and their members using violence or using the “protest” to commit terror attacks against Israel.

In the meantime, other South American countries are flocking with the U.S to build up its relations with Israel after the embassy move to Jerusalem, so it’s not all bad news.