The BDS campaign recently made headlines claiming victory against UK-based company Versarien that caused them 4 million in losses – but here is why this so-called “victory” is actually a loss

Versarien, an engineering company based in UK that allegdly works with Israel Aerospace Industries was the target of a nasty BDS campaign. During a Twitter exchange with the company CEO and University of Manchester students, some pro-BDS students revealed in a report the deep connection the company has with the Israeli company, and how that connection is responsible for 4 million dollars in lost profit.


The CEO vehemently denied that it was cause for the major loss in profits, but the students harassed him on Twitter claiming that there is no other reason. When this Twitter conversation had ended, BDS supporters were making headlines of a massive victory against Israel.

Fake news is out there, and this is just one example of the media continuing their cycle of reporting on something when it isn’t there. If these are the sort of headlines making the rounds in support of the BDS movement, then I am really not concerned by any of their victories. The company has made no statement in backing out of any agreed partnerships with Israeli companies due to these losses, and the CEO even stated during this Twitter conversation that the losses were due to “misinformation and mistruth”.

Anyone that keeps up with the BDS movement and any kind of news regarding Israel is well familiar with misinformation and truth, and how such a campaign can hurt a company. This is part of the nasty BDS campaign against Versarin, whose aim was to cause these losses based on misinformation. Supporters would claim that this company is helping to fund the weapons that kill Palestinians and many other examples to give you an idea.

Here are some comments on Twitter from users that are involved in the company:

I am one hundred percent confident that this “victory” won’t be affecting any kind of future business relationships with Israeli companies, because when campaigns such as these are exposed, it’ll lead to formidable action.