BDS supporters are claiming that Shakira has cancelled her July concert in Israel because of the recent events in Gaza, which is a complete lie and was never even scheduled

According to some reports, Shakira had booked a July gig in Israel. This was in fact, misinformation and Shakira had never actually scheduled a stop in Israel during her tour. When the company  that produces concerts for Shakira cleared it up with a tweet, BDS supporters had claimed another “victory”.

There you have it, BDS supporters. They say it clearly that she hopes to perform in Israel in the future. There is no mention of the BDS movement, or anything about Gaza or Palestinians. Despite this very clear message, BDS supporters worldwide rejoiced over this.

An act of desperation for the supporters because they haven’t had any real victories recently. These are the types of measures they take in order to seem as if their movement is working and convincing other big artists to cancel their performances in Israel. Only small time UK bands have been doing that, just to make political statements and get in the news.

The reality is that many big performers are coming to Israel, and the cultural boycott part of the BDS movement is a big fat failure.