In a groundbreaking story by TabletMag, an umbrella group in the BDS movement is discovered to have helped with donations to Palestinian terror groups such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other groups.

This has been a shocking revelation to say the least. The ‘US Campaign for Palestinian Rights’, which is based in the U.S and is the most prominent supporter of the BDS movement in the United States, has been discovered to have helped Palestinian terrorist organizations. They use their status as a non-exempt organization and donate to Hamas and other terror groups whose stated goals are to eliminate all of Israel and its citizens.

The revelation and the proof of discovery sent shock waves this week among Pro-Israel supporters and even some BDS supporters, but this is something that anyone that has been following the BDS movement for the past decade has known. The campaign and its organizers have deep-rooted ties to different Palestinian factions, including these terrorist organizations. Just as the Muslim Brotherhood, the Students for Justice in Palestine, and many other Palestinian organizations based in the United States.

This arrangement is made possible due to what is known as fiscal sponsorship, which allows for an organization to temporarily extend their privileges as a nonprofit to a group that is in the process of getting tax-exempt status from the IRS.

I’m sitting here and still waiting for when any other news organization is going to report on this revelation. I also believe that this is just the beginning of a “rabbit hole” of what is really happening in the BDS campaign. I’m sure if you dig deeper, there will be more ties with more substance.

It’s also a scary development. If organizations are able to use loopholes like the fiscal sponsorship one for nonprofits to support terror organizations that are hellbent on killing Israelis and Jews, I’m not sure where the line will stop.

I recommend to read the original article:

BDS Umbrella Group Linked to Palestinian Terrorist Organizations

by Armin Rosen and Liel Leibovitz