Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards signed an executive order against the BDS campaign in Louisiana, becoming the 25th state to oppose the movement.

Another huge loss in the United States for the BDS movement as Louisiana became the 25th state to sign legislation that opposes the BDS campaign. That’s of course half of U.S states that have officially signed a legislation that opposes the anti-Semitic campaign and has proven to be a friend to Israel.

Photo Courtesy from Omer Chechek – @OmerChechek

The ‘Political Boycott’ part of the BDS campaign is one of the main targets of the boycott campaign. However, it’s safe to say that they have piled up enough losses to consider this category a failure, at least in the United States (where it matters). More states will follow Louisiana and the number will be 50 one day.

I’m sure supporters are starting to feel the pressure, but they are just chalking it up to losses because of the “Zionist Lobby”. Just more anti-Semitic rile, but on the other hand, Israel supporters were overjoyed with the news.

Let’s hope the other 25 states don’t take too long to pass their own legislation against the BDS campaign.