WixLogowhiteA popular web hosting and web designing website named Wix, an Israeli start-up company was discovered to have been used by many pro-BDS activists for their BDS websites. Add this discovery to the list of embarrassing and hypocritical activities that the BDS movement has been apart of. If you have ever been in a situation debating with a BDS activist or have seen anyone else debate with one, then you should have heard the popular phrase “Don’t use the Intel chip in your computer or cellphone, considering it was made in Israel”.

This just takes it a whole step forward in using that argument. The idea of the BDS movement is to Boycott, Divest and Sanction all Israeli technology and products, but since the movement was initiated in 2005, it has been wrapped up in its fair share of controversies involving the same Israeli products and technology. In essence, they fail to practice what they preach and instead fail to realize that a boycott of these products is not only detrimental to Israel, but also to the Palestinians. Some examples of the pro-Palestinian websites that advocate the BDS movement that have been discovered to be using Wix, the Tel-Aviv based web-designing program, is the Cornell chapter of SJP (Students for Justice in Palestine) and the “Palestinian Holocaust Museum” website.

The list of hypocrisies by the BDS movement is endless, and this just goes to show how far their ignorance can go when advocating for their movement, but not following what they are advocating for. It’s hard to not use the many products and innovations that Israel has produced over the years, and the BDS movement activists are discovering that as time goes on.