Speaking of famous musicians and artists coming to Israel, one of the more interesting pieces of information to come out this week regarding this subject is the world renowned Russian born pianist Evgeny Kissin taking up Israeli citizenship. That seems to be the trend nowadays, as this year has been an indicator that more and more artists aren’t giving in to BDS activists pressure cancel any gigs or planned events in Israel. Rihanna, Alicia Keys,Tom Jones are just a few of the artists to have recently performed in Israel, along with Miley Cyrus and others announcing a stop to perform in Israel.

The reception was incredibly warm for this famous classical pianist, who lived in London and Paris, after going through the process of becoming an Israeli citizen for more than a year. Evgeny Kissin is fiercely proud of being Jewish and has always fought for the Jewish state throughout his life. In his own word, “I do not want to be spared of the troubles which Israeli musicians encounter, I even welcome it”.

This development is another staggering blow to the BDS movement and their activists, showcasing that more and more musicians are refusing to bow down to pressures from “Israel’s enemies” and instead support the right for Israel to exist as a Jewish homeland, or just decide to perform in the only thriving democratic state in the Middle East.

Welcome Evgeny Kissin!