September 17th – A leading BDS activist in Germany named Christoph Glanz responded to comments on YouTube that Israel should have been created inside Germany, and he welcomed the idea of its eradication.


He is currently being investigated by the local authorities, however, he still campaigns all over Germany for a total and complete boycott of Israel.

Let me just start off by saying that Germany is and will always be one of the strongest supports of Israel. The two countries’ history together since the end of WW2 is just unbreakable at this point. Personally, I am not concerned at all with his efforts, however, this particular activist is a public school teacher which can be dangerous.

He echoes the same ideology as Iran’s former president…Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. If your ideologies are being compared to the same man that denies the holocaust and has called for the destruction of Israel and Jews, then you are clearly anti-Semitic yourself.

I’m making this post because it’s not just a BDS fail, but these are the types of people that support BDS. If you want to side with them, there is an agenda that is far greater than Palestinian human rights or a Palestinian state. Ultimately, it all leads to the desire of the destruction of the Israeli state.