Great News!

There is a new app available on the apple and android market, called “Fight BDS” that is designed to give pro-Israel advocates and just general information on the fight against BDS. The app is designed to present Israel’s case in a well-informed, comprehensive, and entertaining manner against BDS advocates. The app has been spreading throughout college campuses and Hillel’s, providing up to date information on any events or news pertaining to BDS, while also providing alerts to any upcoming votes in organizations, or school governments.

Founded by Rabbi Avi Schwartz, along with his innovative application development company, this app is the sort of twenty-first century answer that pro-Israel advocates have been longing for. Maybe now students can utilize tools such as this application accessed through their phone to better prepare them for the inevitable fight against BDS that will be awaiting them on their campus.

Throughout the last year, BDS votes in student governments have spread throughout US college campuses, from the west coast to the east coast, with many of them failing and a few gaining victories.