Recent headlines in the United States regarding the BDS movement is focused on the number of universities and their student government’s voting on approving or rejecting resolutions supporting BDS or academically boycotting from the state of Israel. The reason for this is because these resolutions usually make waves around the spring semester or quarter, depending on what system your school uses, and it is the agenda of the BDS activists and locally formed organizations within their schools to pass such resolutions. The sole reason for this is to make headlines around the world, because even if these resolutions do get approved, the school’s head official or system usually condones the resolution or doesn’t support it. The schools usually cannot afford to divest from Israeli institutions or just plan refuse to.

More recently, UCLA voted to reject an anti-Israeli resolution calling on the divestment of Israel. It was a heavily monitored debate as UCLA is one of the more respected institutions and would create a big stir if it were to approve there. Throughout the conclusion, many of the BDS activists went into tantrums after the verdict was announced – proven by viral videos on youtube portraying the students. The pro-Israeli students that spoke up, spoke very eloquently and decisively on the matter at hand and what BDS truly means; that its an antisemitic movement that uses facts that are made up from their own teams, and not real facts from the ground.

The video shows the audacity of these students to be floundering their tuition over a cause that they were recruited for specifically by propaganda and lies. It really is a shame, that these students are dragged through the mud with the BDS lies that they portray over the state of Israel and the Palestinians cause. I wonder if they ever bother to research whether these sanctions and boycotts are actually helping the Palestinian people or just showering them with even more issues. As evidenced recently over the SodaStream controversy, Palestinian factory workers for SodaStream would much rather want the BDS movement to back off because they realize they could lose their jobs – jobs that pay them triple the average income in the West Bank and many other benefits.

At New York University, the President elect of the American Studies Association hosted a two day anti-Israel conference, which seeks to discuss international justice regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and flaunt the ASA’s verdict on academically boycotting Israel just a few short months ago. None of the speakers at this conference are Pro-Israel or even neutral, which only shows how low these organizations and activists have to go to spread their propaganda.