Neil_Young_-_Per_Ole_HagenNeil Young has recently announced that he is performing in Israel, marking this the first time that this popular guitarist will perform in Israel. He definitely is not the first major musician to announce a performance in Israel for 2014 – for example Justin Timberlake, who is already recieving an enourmous amount of agressive messages from BDS activists, or the Pixies. Neil Young represents a different kind of narrative by choosing to perform in Israel. He isn’t as naive as some other artists are – Neil Young is a known pacifist among the likes of Roger Waters.

Neil young is famous for his outspoken activism against War, mainly in Iraq and Afghanistan and is well aware of the conflict that surrounds Israel and the scrutiny that it gets in the international realm. No doubt Neil Young will be getting a lot of backlash for deciding to perform in Israel, and might even get a personal phone call from his friend Roger Waters, but Neil Young consciounsly deciding to perform in Israel is sending a strong message to the BDS movement and to the people he influences – that it’s not what it seems, and if a famous anti-establishment, anti-war activist such as him is making a move to go to Israel, then there must be more the story.

I encourage you to send him messages of support through social media, or through his email and sign any petitions that might be passed around asking him not to cancel his show. This is an ongoing process and I am sitting here typing and hoping this is not a ploy by him to book a gig and then cancel it to send a message, but Neil Young is making an incredibly statement that can use our support.