Last week, an article was published in the The Daily Nexus, a student run newspaper at the University of California, Santa Barbara called “SJP – Students Justifiably Perplexed”. The article stirred a debate within the Santa Barbara community and has been extended to other Universities and Organizations that deal with the Israel-Palestine peace process, including the BDS movement and SJP (Students for Justice in Palestine).

The article characterized SJP’s movement and their stated goals during the Standford SJP National Conference, where the writer (who is apart of the organization and attended the conference) emphasized that Israel is a modern state in the Middle East and needs to have peace with Palestinians. This he says is a minority view within the SJP organization and the conference, as most members were voicing for their destruction of the state of Israel, and emphasized that was their main focus. Instead of focusing on regional Palestinian problems, such as refugees from Syria, and the peace process itself and what they can do to utilize this important moment in assisting to voice global concern for a two-state peace deal, one without violence or boycott, they focus on the negative and dirty tactics that we have to come to normalize.

I applaud these young writers and the courage that they have taken to question the moral fiber of their organization and stating that the goals of the organization need to be changed in order to better not just the Palestinian people, but the country of Israel as well. A two state solution that brings peace not only benefits the Palestinians, but also benefits Israel as well as the entire region.

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