According to an article released by The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information system at the Israeli Intelligence and Heritage Commemoration Center ( , the Popular front for the Liberation of Palestine ( PFLP) is co operating with anti Israeli organizations in Europe. . For those of you who are not sure, The Popular Front of the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) is listed as a terror organization in Europe. So the question is which side of the coin are BDSers supporting or are they supporting the two same sides of the same coin? How is it that BDS evolved to have a face of terror also? Who defines the boundaries of Humanitarian organizations and the limits of their boundaries to co operate with organizations that are linked to terror?

However, we look at the opposite sides of the coin, the reality is that those that participate in BDS are not able to facilitate the peace process or advance it one inch forward. It does not promote peace to call on the other side to be boycotted and it doesn’t matter which face BDS shows itself to the world, the way in which it manifest is that it causes both sides harm. It does not help to have a movement that calls itself ” non resistance” form of protest but has clear links and co operation with terror networks.