The BDS movement must have read up on the Cuban Missile Crisis and thought that they have acquired the skill of playing brinkmanship with OxfordUniversity student’s ignorance. Unfortunately, no one consulted and coordinated it with George Galloway who didn’t receive the memo via the BDS grapevine.

The political end game for the BDS movement was when George Galloway got invited to debate an Israeli student studying at OxfordUniversity and insulted him to his face by refusing to debate with him due to his nationality being Israeli. This in re turn , spoke a million words to the OxfordUniversity students who was appalled that the student was discriminated against based on his nationality and that caused most of the left wing movementimages (1)s on campus to review their policy on supporting BDS.

After the unfortunate incident, it caused many intellectuals to question what exactly BDS is about and who is behind it. Many people of conscious believe that boycotts are morally wrong and undermines the peace process and disadvantages those who it purport to help

The student union at OxfordUniversity voted down the motion of supporting BDS overwhelmingly with the final results being, 69 against, 10 in favor and 15 abstentions. BDS is fundamentally flawed because it doesn’t help the Palestinians. The best that students can do around the world is to support the Palestinians financially by buying Palestinian goods and inadvertently  helping their economy grow. Its no surprise to me that the elite students of OxfordUniversity were able to see that they were being used as political pawns and that the methodology and ideology of BDS is fundamentally flawed and lined with biased political agendas.