These days the BDSers have a lot to be disgruntled about. The new breed of BDSer is all about arrogance and greed. It is their prerogative to show up in their Lamborghinis thinking that the supermarket chains will be rolling out the red carpet to welcome them and to be at their beck and call at  every demand they may have. The reality is that Pallywood isn’t so clear cut anymore.

The first generation of BDSers at least took a look at the facts, took a course in propaganda and acquainted themselves with the art of spinning half truths to appear like absolute truths to the unassuming masses.

These days , the BDSers are all about opportunistic urges.. It has become a lucrative industry for every Tom, Dick and Harry that has a social media account and lots of time on their hands. But this week, they had a humble encounter when the supermarket chains shut the door of fame in their faces.

 Without much pre planning ( number one factor for disaster) , without much substantive evidence ( not enough propaganda)  and lack of co ordination (too many divisive BDS rivals),  they embarked on a campaign to convince British retailer groups to stop importing , marketing and selling Israeli Agricultural products.

One of the targeted supermarket chains , Waitrose based in the United Kingdom, released a statement that ” Whatever our own views may be about Israeli products, we do not think it is right to ask our buyers to base their choice of products on any other criteria than the commercial ones of quality and value for money.”

Another targeted supermarket chain, Sainsbury released a statement that ” the store is not a political organisation and it does not boycott products from any country.”

The reality is that neither the supermarket chain nor the shoppers wanted to adhere to the BDS demands. The shoppers are not keen to be used as political pawns in a zero sum game.  Israeli farmers are well known and respected for decades long as producers of agricultural products of a high quality and standard. Consumers wont be bullied by a small amount of BDSers who seek to mix politics with fruits and wont be dictated to what they can purchase or not.

The rise and fall of the BDS star is what keeps Pallywood entertained.  I suggest that the BDS stars shave their heads, join Alcoholic  Anonymous or adopt children from Africa, maybe then your attention seeking efforts  will be noticed and you will rise to the stardom you crave. No one said that having a claim to fame is easy or driving a Lamborghini is cheap.