blog photo artist photo 2 for blogRecently the annual Red Sea Jazz Festival took place in Eilat attracting yet again very talented artists from around the globe. At the same time, BDS activists from around the world were hard at work to try to persuade these artists not to perform in Israel. Needless to say that they were not successful in persuading the free thinking artists to show up as they do every year at this unique highly acclaimed Jazz Festival.

If you had to write a thesis on the BDS movement and expose their intimidation and propaganda tactics refined by their spin doctors to appeal to “people of conscious”, you will know that whenever an artist cancels for technical reasons, they claim it to be a BDS victory. Another concept that usually works in favor of the BDS spin doctors is that if a lie is told long enough , it is believed to be a fact.

There was one cancellation for this musical festival. Stanley Jordan Trio cancelled due to technical reasons and was immediately replaced by Kurt Rosenwinkel Standards Trio. Despite the hundreds of twitter and Facebook messages send to musician, Erik Truffaz by the BDS activist he performed last weekend at the Red Sea Jazz Festival.

In a statement released by Deghelt Productions, the artists  said that they do not agree with the bullying tactics used by the BDS movement and that if they play in Israel it doesn’t mean that they endorse or support the policies of the Israeli government. The artist felt that if the Red Sea Jazz Festival is funded in part by the Israeli government that it is a sign of their openness to culture and jazz. They also dont want to punish their fans by not attending the Red Sea Jazz Festival because their fans in Israel share the same humanity, peace and hope for peace as any other fans they have around the world.

Sometimes its good we put it all into perspective and take the “D” out of BDS and realize that the BDS spin doctors over all has a negligent effect in deterring world renowned artist from performing and visiting Israel.