The BDS movement woke up on Monday morning disenchanted and mortified. A poster they had erected late last month on the M1 motorway near the Empire Road bottleneck in Johannesburg, South Africa vanished into thin air. It seems that BDS South Africa ended up like Mickey Mouse on a losing streak in this apparent cat and mouse battle

The billboard erected by the BDS movement was both anti-Semitic and libelous. It depicted, in a series of maps, how Israel was ethnically cleansing Palestinians out of increasingly larger amounts of land, from the 19th century to the present. The maps do nothing to promote peace between the Israelis and Palestinians and are based on historical and politically inaccuracies. As a result, FairPlay SA, a Jewish communal collaboration between the SA Zionist Federation and the SA Jewish Board of Deputies contacted the Advertising company who erected the bill board . The company acknowledged their error and the billboard was removed within 6 working hours

The BDS movement was taken by surprise when they discovered that their offensive and politically biased poster was removed and they demanded answers from the Advertising company. The victory was amplified after when, in an exchange with the advertising company, the company responded in a statement that they do not erect “political” posters. The BDS has since   threatened to sue the advertising company  

The episode illustrates the increasingly desperate means the BDS movement have taken to disseminate their inaccurate information on the unsuspecting civilian masses. However, quick action from the South African Jewish community led to a symbolic victory against those who seek to demonize Israel in the public domain