Following on from some of our earlier posts check out this article from the San Francisco Bay Area Reporter which captures quite nicely both the essence of the anti-Israel “pinkwashing” accusation and the true face of Israel’s completely normal national efforts to promote its artistic community abroad (as the article says, “it is a common practice for foreign consulates and the U.S. State Department to pick up artists’ travel and lodging expenses for cultural organizations such as film festivals, said film festival representatives.”)

While the accusers not-so-elegantly avoid any possibility of engaging in real dialogue about different points of view, preferring to portray Israel (and its cultural emissaries) as inherently beyond the pale, by definition, Israel’s officials and their contacts in local public institutions display an open-mindedness and reasonableness that resonates as being far more honest and real.  As with so much of the BDS agenda, the “pinkwashing” accusation, at its core, is a tool to bully and silence the voices of ordinary Israelis and to shut out of the public discourse any content or story which belies the one-dimensional, demonic caricature of Israel that the anti-Israel campaigners are trying to spread. Nobody has to agree with everything Israel does, but the effort to strip ordinary Israelis of the multi-faceted humanity which we allow for in absolutely everybody else  is hateful and insidious.