A new blog called BDS Gone Bad is adding some good juice to the fight against BDS, by focusing on exposing the hypocrisy and the lies of the anti-Israel movement. Their latest expose involves one Tali Shapiro, a self-described activist and writer, who supports “Anarchists Against the Wall”; “Boycott!” and is the head editor of its Supporting the Palestinian BDS call from within newsletter.

Shapiro regularly presents herself to foreign artists as a longstanding fan, and then uses that status as a platform to call on them not to perform in Israel. But it’s all a lie. Turns out that she only begins to “like” the bands once they announce their intention to perform in Israel!

Of course the BDS movement has a long history of manipulating the common decency of ordinary people (artists, co-ops, union members etc.) and trying to turn them into unwitting mouthpieces for the anti-Israel agenda, but this little revelation is a tasty example of just how they go about their duplicitous business.