A few years ago, Canada’s Jewish community launched the ingenious Buycott Israel initiative to help defeat boycott campaigns by encouraging the purchase of products and services from the specific businesses targeted by BDS activists.  No big organizational infrastructure, no big ideological debates, just plain ordinary action (buying wine or shoes or whatever) by ordinary people sending a profound message of engagement and determination not only to help businesses fend off the threat of boycott but actually to turn that threat into a net loss for the boycotters and a net gain for the business in question. Since 2009, this model and others similar to it have  successfully countered boycott attempts in many countries and brought custom and succor to targeted businesses.

In this vein, StandWithUs is organizing  a Buy Israeli Goods Day this coming Friday, March 3Oth (the date was chosen because the BDS campaign has planned a global boycott of Israeli products for the same day). SWU is urging schools, campuses, synagogues, community organizations, and individuals to celebrate Israel by buying up Israeli goods at local stores.. The website www.BuyIsraelGoods.org, includes a store locator so people can find stores in their area that carry Israeli products. There is probably no easier way for each and every one of us to contribute to making BDS fail.