It is now common knowledge that BDS campaigners, in their desperation to create a sense of momentum for the dead-in-the-water BDS agenda, regularly misrepresent ordinary decisions by civic institutions regarding partnerships with Israel. Check out a brief history of this pattern here. So when the Action Palestine group at King’s College London announced last week that “despite being offered the opportunity to do so” King’s College London had decided “not to renew its role in the EU-funded research project with Ahava” as a result of BDS campaigning, some local students decided to investigate the issue. And, surprise surprise, KCL has confirmed that the Nanoretox research project as a whole was always scheduled to be completed at the end of 2012, and, contrary to KCL Action Palestine’s statement, the College has not been invited to renew its role.  In other words, our BDS friends have been caught lying once again – inventing boycotts where there are none and claiming victories that do not exist.