Israel-UK bilateral trade continues to rise, despite a decade of campaigning by the BDS movement. According to figures published last week in the Jewish Chronicle, bilateral UK-Israel trade has reached £3.75 billion, up 34% in the past year, with Israeli exports to the UK making up close to 60 percent of the total. Israel is now the UK’s largest individual partner in the Near East and North Africa, and its 29th largest export market worldwide.

As UK Ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould said in response to the new figures:

“There is a lot of noise around boycotts but these figures show that it is just noise, and the trade relationship speaks for itself.”

In related news, the newly-formed UK-Israel Tech Council held its first meeting last Wednesday in London, jointly chaired by David Willetts,UK Minister for Universities and Science, and Avi Hasson, Israel’s chief scientist.