In our ongoing effort to keep a sober eye on all things related to BDS we recently discovered the blog, Just Thinking. From Just Thinking‘s latest post, we can share news of yet more BDS failures in the UK, the arena in which BDS is supposedly most on the march:

Canterbury City Council has joined Leeds City Council and the North London Waste Authority in explicitly and publicly telling BDS campaigners that their attempt to have Veolia excluded from public contracts is inconsistent with the Authorities’ legal obligations., Larissa Laing, head of Canterbury’s neighbourhood services said:

“Canterbury must choose its waste collection contractor under procedures laid down by Europe and adopted by this country under the Public Contract Regulations 2006. We do not think that activities in the Middle East relate to what we are considering in this contract.”

Earlier, the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) stated it had received “letters and representations” on the issue, while it faced protests at its meeting on the matter in mid-February. But the authority said: “The legal position is very clear and these are not issues that the NLWA can or will in any way take into account”.

Well done Just Thinking for finding these gems!