For those exposed to BDS claims of ever growing momentum for their cause, it’s always useful to keep an eye on the broader context. Here are some snippets from the last few days:

Bloomberg’s ‘Riskless Return Ranking’ report has concluded that the Israeli stockmarket ‘produced better risk-adjusted returns than all other developed stock markets in the past decade, thus being one of the safest choices for investors. The Tel Aviv TA-25 Index returned 7.6% in the 10 years ending February 17 – the highest among 24 developed-nation benchmark indexes.

Meanwhile, Truth in Context (a site worth visiting) notes an Israel Export Institute report that Israel’s wine industry recorded a successful year in 2011 as wine exports grew by 5.5%. According to the IEI, the wine industry’s top export destinations are the US ($12.2 million, +0.5%), France ($2.7 million, -11%), the UK ($1.4 million, +9.6%), Canada ($1 million, +4.6%) – four of the main arenas of global BDS activity.

According to a study released MondayIsrael came in second on the first-ever Cleantech Global Innovation Index of 38 countries for its efforts in development and commercialization of environmental technologies, behind Denmark. The study was conducted by the Cleantech Group, which represents thousands of investors and companies in the cleantech industry. Of course, for BDS activists Israel has no redeeming features, but this study suggests that serious people in serious industries aren’t being swayed by the BDS message. If, by the way, you’re interested in the latest green technologies and sustainable development news coming out of Israel, you can check out the new Facebook page, Green Israel, which provides all relevant updates.