Regular readers of this blog will notice that we occasionally link to the blog DivestThis, which is perhaps the most prolific and thoughtful site for understanding BDS that you can find. The following two posts are great examples of why we think so highly of DivestThis. Here he places the recent court decision regarding the Olympia Co-op boycott saga in context – acknowledging that the decision was a setback in the fight against BDS, but taking the time to reflect on the deeper lessons that can be learnt from the case. Here, DivestThis addresses the forthcoming Park Slope Co-op vote, scheduled for March 27th, which has also been covered in the Wall Street Journal, the Times of Israel and the NYDailyNews (who incidentally call the boycott initiative “odious and idiotic”). The world of food co-ops is not one many people outside of the United States are familiar with, but it is an arena in which BDS activists have been trying to impose their worldview on ordinary people for a long time now.  As with the BDS battles inside the US mainline Churches, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more useful and thought-provoking source on this stuff than DivestThis.