Those who know anything about BDS know that the attempt to brand Israel as an apartheid state is central to the whole BDS strategy. We also know that the  key to the success of this strategy is the ability of the anti-Israel camp to get their “Israel = apartheid” message into the mainstream of influential political discourse. Interesting then to read in the new Times of Israel internet newspaper of a report compiled by Israel’s Foreign Ministry, detailing the extent of mainstream media coverage of the annual “Israel Apartheid Week” activities on campuses around the world. According to the Times of Israel, the report found that mainstream coverage in general was negligible,  while the bulk of the coverage that has been given to the issue is actually coming from Israeli or Jewish media outlets. The study concludes therefore that “it would be mistaken to conclude that broad influential populations around the world are… exposed or being influenced negatively” by the IAW programming. Even as pro-Israel (and pro-peace) students rightly gear up to deal with this year’s IAW events, they will no doubt be doing so in ways which make sure that IAW’s failure to reach in any significant way beyond its own core constituency of student activists continues.