Denis Gasquet, Senior Executive Vice President of Veolia has reaffirmed the French infrastructure giant’s commitment to its Israel operations. In an extensive interview in today’s Haaretz, Gasquet lays out the philosophy behind the company’s twenty year investment in Israel and also lays to rest the impression stoked by BDS campaigners that their pressure is having any impact on the firm’s business.

“Veolia decided to come to Israel 20 years ago, and we stand by our decision. We’ve been operating in Israel for 20 years, and we haven’t been harmed by it. I don’t know of a single tender we lost for those reasons”.

As we reported on December 11th, Veolia’s decision to undertake a major restructuring, which involves the closing of operations in 40 out of 77 countries, including the closing of its transport operations in Israel, has been used by BDS campaigners to argue that Veolia is pulling out of Israel. Gasquet again:

“We’ve undergone strategic changes in the group. I wanted to affirm the group’s commitment to Israel and to say that even with these changes, we will continue to develop activity here”.

“Even at times of economic crisis, one must plan for the future, to remain ahead of the competition. That is why we are here in Israel. There is innovation here, this is a dynamic country, and we want to give something to Israel and to receive in return something of what is here.”