UPenn BDS conference organizers exposed their darker side Friday by revoking the press credentials of the Jewish Exponent, accusing it of engaging in “polemics” and “crafting a political narrative” after a story appeared reporting the anti-Israel records of some of the slated speakers. The Exponent‘s executive editor, Lisa Hostein, said: “It is ironic that a group that purports to be interested in open dialogue, is operating under the cover of free speech and insists it is not anti-Semitic, is barring the only Jewish news outlet in town from covering the conference”.

Meanwhile, Penn President Amy Gutmann and Chair of the Board of Trustees David L. Cohen addressed the upcoming BDS conference in the Daily Pennsylvanian and reaffirmed their strong disagreement with the conference but willingness to allow it to preserve freedom of expression. The Jerusalem Post outlines here the different activities undertaken by pro-Israel students in the context of the UPenn BDS Conference, underlining the initiative and organization of the students. Alan Dershowitz praised these actions by in his talk the day prior to the conference and he also saluted the reaction of UPenn’s President. Meanwhile, the UPenn BDS Conference is called a “Conference of flasehoods” in an article by Sarit Catz and its agenda – How to dismantle Israel – is presented on the website Stonegateinstitute.