BDS activists usually like to describe their campaign as non-violent, thus consciously implying peaceful intentions, but BDS France recently did away with the sugar-coating. On 18 January, the French BDS Campaign published a report of a workshop held in Lyon on 14-15 January, in which they outline the campaign’s objectives for 2012 and redefine the main objectives of BDS. Beyond the warlike vocabulary used repetitively throughout the article (countless occurrences of words such as “attack”, “fight”, “we fight”, “fight to win”, “power struggle”, “targets”, “struggle”, “weaken”), below are a few chosen – and unequivocal – excerpts:

“The target is Israel, as a racist and apartheid State and all its representatives.”

“All the targets are substitutes of Israel and all the small objectives have a single aim: Delegitimize Israel as a State.”

“Even if it is not stated explicitly, the 2005 BNC call for BDS is against Oslo and its pseudo-peace process

“The BDS call announces a change in strategy (…) we went from the criticism of one government’s policies to the criticism of the State of Israel.”