The Swedish metal band Arch Enemy is scheduled to play in Tel Aviv on 24th January 2012, following their Khaos Over Europe Tour. Besides protests held on the occasion of their London performance on 6th December, and PACBI’s usual open letter, the BDS group Don’t Play Apartheid Israel (DPAI) created a Facebook page and is trying to persuade Arch Enemy to cancel its concert in Tel Aviv. A member of the band responded on Facebook and Twitter to the activists, asking them to stop their harassment, and laying out a clear position against the BDS agenda: “we play for the innocent metal fans, not governments”; “I support freedom of expression for EVERYBODY, including Israeli citizens. We don’t discriminate by race, state, color or gender.”
Similarly, British singer Jane Birkin who is supposed to give two concerts in Tel Aviv and two concerts in Ramallah in January 2012, has been targeted by activists on Facebook and by PACBI, which recently released the letter it had sent to her privately on 21 November 2011.