On 24th November, the London Transport Region of the National Union of Rail Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) hosted a Palestine Solidarity meeting following the forming of the ‘Patestininan Trade Union Coalition for BDS’ – PTUC BDS. In July 2011, the RMT voted by 12 branches to 1 (1 abstention) to fully support the PTUC-BDS Statement including the call to sever links with the Histadrut. PTUC-BDS had then called upon RMT to implement boycotts of Israeli and international companies. The 24 November meeting voted unanimously in favor of a motion against the French multinational company, Veolia-Alstom, for its role in the construction of the Jerusalem light rail. The motion asks “for Alstom to be excluded from working on projects, including London Underground and all Alstom work and administration to be brought back in house”. (source: BDS Website)